April 21, 2012

Sculpy Baby

Today I decided to make a quick sculpy of my main character from 'Ræven'. It was lots of fun, but it was still very weird seeing him in a more three-dimensional setting. He turned out pretty chunky for a fox, but I still love him :3 (Now to figure out how to add all the texture onto him lol)

April 17, 2012

Film promo extras :)

Some DVD case covers, labels, and menus :) These were fun to create and actually make me want to print them out and make an actual DVD of my film.

April 15, 2012

Raeven colour palette

Just thought I'd put up the colour palette that I've been working with this past school year, since you can't see it most of the time because of all the texture action going on ;D

Film poster!

So this was something fun that the school had us create for 'promotional material' for our film. It seems like I'm very obsessed with the film (I'm not, I promise), but, nevertheless, it was fun to make and only took 10 minutes at most. A lot of people told me that my sneak peek video that I made earlier this week made my film look very mysterious and has an 'alien' feel to it with the lights, so I decided to continue the theme in my poster. I think the next time I get to make a film poster, I'll settle for something more minimalistic :/